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    10 Pcs Dry and Wet Non-slip Hanger Clothes
    RM  39.00  19.50   50%  
    Pu Leather Simple Household Tissue Box
    RM  29.00  14.50   50%  
    Paper Water Resistant Wardrobe Mat
    RM  19.00  9.50   50%  
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    Battery Chargers

      Battery Charger USB Dual Slot

      Battery Charger USB Dual Slot

      Color: Black

      Weight: 0.09kg

      Size: 6.4 x 4 x 12.5cm

      Type of battery: Lithium Ion Battery

      Input parameters: DC5V

      Output parameters: DC4.2V 500MA (Max)

      Charging head: USB

      RM59.00   29.50   50%
      Stock available
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