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    Car Polishes & Waxes

      Wax Classic Waterproof Polishing

      Wax Classic Waterproof Polishing

      Chela type: Paint Conservation Wax

      Features: DecontaminationPpolishing Waterproof

      Physical Form: Solid

      Service Content: Support and Maintenance Services Beauty

      capacity: 250g(ml)

      Weight: 428g

      Net content: 220G

      Size: 12CM X 8CM X 10CM

      Accessories: car wax 1 cans of sponge 1

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      Wax Paint Surface Beauty Maintenance Glazing

      Wax Paint Surface Beauty Maintenance Glazing

      Capacity: 300ml

      Weight: 0.35kg

      Shelf life: 3 years

      Main scope of application: Softening decontamination

      Types of: Liquid

      Storage condition: Cool and dry

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      Anti-oxidation Car Polishing Wax

      Anti-oxidation Car Polishing Wax

      Name : car polishing wax

      Model : B-1179

      Size : 11 x 6 cm

      Weight : 250g

      Package weight : 355g

      Suitable models : basic universal type

      Execution Standard : Q/(GZ)BCL 3

      Validity Period : Three years

      Product Features :

      -The well-received polishing crystal bright wax effectively removes the stain on the surface of the car body, effectively prevents the car paint from oxidizing in the sun, discoloring and discoloring, and car paint, bringing wonderful luster.

      Instructions :

      1. Clean the body and blow the water with a wind gun at the corner seams
      2. The wax should be thrown off with a polishing machine while applying wax
      3. Wipe off the wax with a towel
      4. Clean the residual wax in the corner seam with a small toothbrush; tools and products needed: air gun, small sponge, wet towel, dry towel, small toothbrush, polishing machine, polishing disc, advanced polishing crystal wax; construction Time takes about 60 minutes

      Precautions :

      1. Do not use for purposes other than those mentioned above.
      2. Do not use when the weather is hot or the body is hot.
      3. This product is only used for body painting. It can not be used for plastic, unpainted oscillators, glass, tires, fur, lenses and other parts. When it is found that the product is attached to the above parts, please wipe it off immediately.
      4. Do not spray the wax directly on the body or apply it on the body for a long time, otherwise there will be spots or uneven color.
      5. For vehicles with scars and serious scratches, the effect cannot be achieved.

      Emergency treatment method :

      1. If you accidentally swallow this product, it should cause vomiting immediately and ask your doctor for treatment.
      2. If it gets into your eyes, wash it off with water immediately.
      3. If you feel uncomfortable at work, stop working immediately and stay calm.

      Storage and disposal methods :

      1. It must be sealed during storage, while avoiding direct sunlight, and the temperature of the storage place must not exceed 40 degrees Celsius.
      2. When discarding, you must confirm that it has been used up and then discard it.

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      Speed Polishing Machine Car Polisher Scratch Tool

      Speed Polishing Machine Car Polisher Scratch Tool

      Color: Orange

      Weight: 1.6kg

      Size: 210 x 200mm

      Wheel Diameter: 125cm

      Material: ABS Plastic & Metal

      Rated frequency: 50Hz

      Power: 800W

      Rated Voltage: 220V

      Speed: Above 3000rpm

      High power, high speed, low noise, durable.
      Heat sink design, reduce the heat.
      AC motor, high efficiency,long service life.
      Power supply protection cover, prolong service life.
      The fuselage uses the ABS environmental protection material, the strong toughness is good.
      Portable single hand operations,suitable for Chassis double sets,meet the demand of double polishing wax.
      A complete waxing and polishing, ideal for for car, banister, floor, home, etc.

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