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    Cycling Performance Tracker

      New Useful Mini GPS Navigation Travel Camping Outdoor Sport Travel Receiver

      New Useful Mini GPS Navigation Travel Camping Outdoor Sport Travel Reciever

      Main function of the product :
      -The world is the lightest and the easiest to operate GPS!
      -Store up to 16 points of interest!
      -Return to the starting point or to the destination!
      -Real-time latitude and longitude coordinates!
      -Travel distance time!
      -Travel speed and poster height!
      -Satellite time

      Receiver : L1 type, C/A code, capture channel : 51, tracking channel : 14

      Maximum update frequency : 10 Hz

      Display image rate : 128x 64

      Backlight type : blue

      Appearance size : 65 x 52 x 21mm

      Weight : 39.6 grams with battery

      Memory : 512KB

      Button : 3 keys

      Accuracy : positioning, 10 meters (supports differential correction system area 2 meters), speed, 0.1 meters per second

      Initial positioning time : hot start for about 5 seconds, warm start for about 40 seconds, cold start for about 2 minutes

      Sensitivity : - 161dbm tracking, -157dbm recapture, -148dbm capture

      Data Protoco l: NMA-0183 v3.01

      Power supply voltage : USB DC 5V/3.7V390 mAh built-in lithium battery

      Operating time : about 6 hours

      Power consumption : capture about 70 mA, continuous tracking about 30 mA

      Ambient temperature : work -20 degrees ~ +55 degrees, store -30 degrees ~ +55 degrees

      Ambient humidity : up to 80% non-condensing humidity

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      Solar Powered Bicycle Horn Light USB charging Bike Front Handlebar Electronic Horn Lamp

      Solar Powered Bicycle Horn Light USB charging Bike Front Handlebar Electronic Horn Lamp

      Name : Solar Horn Light

      Power supply : 2000 mAh lithium battery

      Function : lighting, speaker

      Packing: colour box

      Metal lithium battery : 330mAh

      Product weight : 0.0940 kg

      Package contents: 1x solar powered headlight, 1x installation, 1x USB charging cable, 1x speaker cable

      Front light
      - solar charging can be charged for 2.5 hours.
      - Super bright LED, good tool for bicycle
      - four functions: glare mode, low light mode, slow flash mode, flash mode and off mode
      - running time: stable mode 3.5 hours, flash mode 5 hours
      - installation position: 27.2 Mm - 30.8mm seatpost
      - solar charging, charging for 1 hour
      - with two super bright red LEDs, a great biker.
      - Six light modes: Turbo Bright, Low Brightness, High Brightness, Strobe, Strobe, Strobe, Flash.
      - Run time: 1.5 hours in stable mode, 2.5 hours in flash mode
      - Installation position: 27.2mm - 30.8mm seatpost
      - Light intensity: 50 lumens.

      - Headlights and speakers are designed to keep you safe. The horn has 140dB, enough to remind trucks, buses, cars and V/ans drivers.
      - This bicycle light has an ultra-bright flash that alerts the driver to your presence. High quality mounting accessories keep the lights on your bike, even on rough roads.
      - This bicycle light also illuminates the road at close range, showing bumps and potential dangers on the road. It illuminates the road in the distance of complete darkness.
      - Regardless of the weather or the environment in which you want to ride a bike, this LED headlight won't let you down. You can enjoy clear visibility on rainy days, nights and any occasion.
      - No need to replace the battery! Our bicycle light is a built-in lithium battery for USB charging. Charge your phone or charger (including the USB charging cable) for 3 hours, and the bicycle headlights can work for 5 hours.

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