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      Motorcycle Goggles Ski Bike Motocross

      Motorcycle Goggles Ski Bike Motocross

      Colour : black,white,blue,red

      Material : TPU+PC

      Style : Unisex

      Specification : set

      Types of : Goggles

      Style : Windproof, personality, avant-garde, sports, simplicity, trend, dazzling color

      Glasses classification : Can be equipped with glasses, interchangeable glasses, can be equipped with glasses

      Features :

      1. Frame: TPU is super tough, arbitrarily kneaded and not easy to break

      2. Lens: PC hardened, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, anti-UV

      3. Sponge: high-density comfort sponge, effective cushioning facial pressure

      4. Elastic band: adjustable, stable and flexible

      5. Lens color: transparent, brown, silver plated, multicolored, yellow

      6. Product packaging: PO bag

      7. Net weight: about 200g

      8. Function: The mask can be used alone, can be equipped with Halley half helmet, outdoor riding sand control

      9. Environmentally friendly materials, in line with international standards

      RM 69.00 34.50
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