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    Horns & Accessories

      12v Car Snail Horn High Sound Bright 510hz

      12v Car Snail Horn High Sound Bright 510hz

      Color: Black

      Weight: 0.24kg

      Size: 10 x 5.3 x 9.5cm

      Types of: Car snail horn

      Applicable models: 12V car motorcycle

      Caliber: 80 (mm)

      Voltage: 12 (V)

      Power: 20 (W)

      Impedance: 15 (Ω)

      Sound level: 115 (db)

      Current: 3.5 (A)

      Voltage: 12 (V)

      Operating temperature: -20+90 (°C)

      Sensitivity: At the touch of a hair

      Frequency response: 510HZ

      Physical dimension: 80 (mm)

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