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    Plastic Durable Drain Kitchen Dish Rack
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    Multi-function Manual Juicer
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    Simple Finishing Book Shelf Storage
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      Big Eyes Headband Cartoon Face

      Big Eyes Headband Cartoon Face

      Colour: Yellow,Blue,Orange

      Weight: 0.04kg

      Size: 22.5 x 7.5cm

      Material: Crystal Soft Cotton

      RM 29.00 14.50
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      2 in 1 Electric Hair Curlers and Straight Clips Hairdresser

      2 in 1 Electric Hair Curlers and Straight Clips Hairdresser

      Size : as picture shown

      Colour : rose red

      Power : 35W

      Thermal conductor diameter : 21mm-30mm

      ◎ Continuous negative ions
      Continue to produce negative ions, so that the hair maintains a healthy moisture content, prevents bifurcation, breakage, edgy and static electricity, and naturally shiny and smooth hair style

      ◎ Titanium alloy panel surface
      Smoothing ceramic surface, during the hair styling process No hair breaks due to pulling, protect your hair from softness and combing

      ◎ Temperature (190 °C)

      ◎ Ceramic technology cooling system, uniform heat dissipation (180 °C in 90 seconds)
      Heating fast and even, within 90 seconds Use, even heat dissipation panel to make each hair the same heat, hair extension effect is fast and lasting, easy to create a shiny hairstyle

      ◎ Widening the hair styling panel
      Widening hair styling panel allows you to straighten from hair root to hair

      ◎ Convenient flat-panel lock
      For easy storage and carrying

      ◎ Rotary super long power cord design
      Intimate design, easy to operate

      ◎ Metal texture matte chrome surface
      Design stylish

      RM69.00   41.40   40%
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