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    Wheels & Tires Installations

      Mini DC 12V Car Electric Inflatable Pump

      Mini DC 12V Car Electric Inflatable Pump

      Item Type: Pumps

      Model Name: Inflatable pump

      Item Diameter: 5cm

      Item Weight: 0.53kg

      Item Length: 17.5cm

      Item Width: 17.5cm

      Item Height: 6.5cm

      Material Type: ABS+Plastic PP+Metal Motor+Copper Movement

      Voltage: DC12V

      Max Power: 156w

      Charging Line Length: About 280cm

      Air Pump Size: About 175 x 175 x 65

      Gas Filled Tube : About 50cm

      Max amperage: 13A

      Max volume: >25L/min

      Apply for: Normal Car,Motorcycle,Bicycle,Rubber Boat,Etc

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      12V Portable Electric Tire Inflator Pump Single Cylinder Gauge Air Compressor

      12V Portable Electric Tire Inflator Pump Single Cylinder Gauge Air Compressor

      Product name : multi-function car air pump

      Product model : AC-480

      Input voltage : DC12V

      Product size : 16 x 8 x 12.5cm

      Product packaging : color box packaging

      Weight : 1.2kg

      Features :

      1. Multi-purpose vehicle air pump, which can provide 100 psi pressure inflation and measure tire pressure. It is very convenient to use.
      2. quality and workmanship are very exquisite, in line with international standards.
      3. When the highway or the field car tire suddenly leaks, the machine can more effectively play its emergency function.
      4. The machine does not occupy space, and prepares one in time, and puts it in the trunk, which is endless.
      5. can make the car tires maintain the correct tire pressure at any time, save steam fuel, and ensure safe driving.

      Usage :

      1. Take out the cigarette light plug and insert it directly into the car cigarette lighter. Start the car and turn on the air pump switch. After the air pump starts, insert the gas nozzle at the top of the air hose directly into the tire valve. When the air leaks from the tire, it means that the air has already circulated, and the nozzle can be tightened to inflate, and the air is no longer discharged.

      2. When inflating, the meter pointer increases with the saturation of the tire. When the pointer reaches the appropriate tire pressure (the tire pressure of the car tire is 2.0KG/CM-2.6KG/CM), the plug and the nozzle are taken out, and the work is completed.

      Please use the professional ball needle and nozzle of the machine to connect with the air nozzle (tighten) to inflate the ball and other inflatable equipment.

      Notes :

      1. This machine cannot be used for the inflation of large and heavy-duty vehicle tires, such as trucks and large trucks.
      2. When using, the car engine should be activated to enhance the power without losing the car power.
      3. This machine is limited to DC DC12V, 14A power supply, can not use household electricity, if you want to use household electricity, you must add a transformer.
      4. for car tire inflation, every 10 minutes, it is best to rest for 10 minutes, so that the body is slightly cooled before use, can extend the life of the motor. When the rubber boat is inflated, it can be used continuously for half an hour.
      5. the general car tires inflated, about 3-6 minutes can reach the normal tire pressure of 220KPA. Big tires will take a little longer. If you start to inflate, the pointer of the instrument rises rapidly and reaches 490KPA within two or three seconds, which means that the air is blocked and the air does not enter the tire. At this time, you need to turn off the power immediately, dial the nozzle, and re-operate, otherwise the meter and motor Will suffer.
      6. When the machine is used, people should not leave the body and pay attention to the tire pressure at any time. The inflation should not exceed the tire pressure standard specified by the car manufacturer or the tire factory.
      7. This machine should avoid moisture, heavy fall and sand intrusion.
      8. Children are prohibited from using it to avoid unnecessary harm.

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      Portable Tire Inflato Car Air Pump Digital Display Lighting Air Pump City Car

      Portable Tire Inflato Car Air Pump Digital Display Lighting Air Pump City Car

      Size : 16.8 x 16.4 x 6.8cm

      Power : 120W

      Voltage : 12V

      Material : ABS+ metal

      Power cord length : 3.6 meters

      Specification : 2 specifications

      Scope of application : Balls, bicycles, cars, etc.

      Weight : 1.25KG

      Inflatable tube length : 60cm

      Power supply type : Cigarette lighter

      Types of : Car inflatable

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      Multi-function Tire Air Pump 19-Cylinder

      Multi-function Tire Air Pump 19-Cylinder

      Color: Yellow

      Weight: 1.2kg

      Size: 22 x 10 x 21cm

      Material: Plastic + motor

      Current: 10A

      Voltage: 12V

      Power cord length: 2.85M

      Power supply type: Cigarette

      Air volume: 35L

      Power: 120W

      Specification: Car air pump

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      High Precision Car Tire Pressure Gauge LED LCD Display

      High Precision Car Tire Pressure Gauge LED LCD Display

      Color: Red,Silver,Yellow

      Size: 12 x 5 x 3.5cm

      Weight: 0.05kg

      Measurement range: 0-150PSI,0.15-10BAR

      Accuracy: ±1PSI

      Resolution: 0.5PSI

      Unit: PSI, KPA, BAR,kg/cm2;

      Display: 30 x 30mm LCD

      Backlit Color: Blue

      Brand new and high quality.
      Small portable design, easy to hold and operate.
      LCD screen display with blue backlit for easy reading.
      Four units available: PSI, KPA, BAR,kg.
      Manual power on/off and auto power off for power saving.
      LED light at gauge nozzle, convenient to use even at night.
      Anti-skid rubber handle.
      Used to monitor the tyre pressure, extending tire life and ensuring safety.

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